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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why are we still producing only employees and not employers?

In India, if 18 or 21 year old students or graduates tell their parents, relatives, teachers or anyone around them, that they have a great business idea and would like to start working on it, they would be laughed at and their idea will be dismissed as a joke. They will have more chance at convincing their elders that the earth revolves around the moon; than that they can build a successful company. Mark Zuckerberg was barely 20 when he started facebook; had people around him dismissed his idea as a youngster's stupidity, we would still be sending emails and SMS to our friends. Forget about Facebook, Paul Allen was 22 and Bill Gates 20, when they started Microsoft. Think of all the good things we would have missed if they were stopped. Why are we still producing only employees and not employers? 

There are several reasons for this. Our society seems to dawdle with the idea that business is passed on in genes and only a businessman's offspring would possess the ability to start and run a successful business. Our educational structure is more interested in theory than the practical approach; our middle class and upper middle classes mostly stay away from businesses. Our society thinks that youngsters don't have enough real life experience, to make the right choice; and above all, we have failed to accept failure. The truth is that, the society itself is restricting the number of innovators and genius business men it could have produced.

It is said that a child is born agnostic. Our society instills all of its traits and characters into them, and along with these traits, is the idea that business is not for us. Parents and elders seem to have pledged to make their child an engineer or a doctor and show zero interest in what their child really cares about, or wants to be. The bollywood movie '3 Idiots' brilliantly portrayed this aspect of the Indian society; we seem to have come to the conclusion that the purpose of life, is to take lesser risks and choose a path that offers an assured job and a lot of money. Interest and aptitude seem to have taken a back seat in the society; and in such a society there is no room for a Zuckerberg, or a Gates, or a Jobs.

An education structure, which is crafted according to the attitude of our society, cares little about anything, other than theory. The structure enables the students to get good grades and marks. But most of the students who graduate from Indian universities, have little or no real world practical knowledge. Companies are put in a difficult position when they hire these grads, as they will have to give them extensive training, to make them efficient. Nowadays, the companies also seem to have come into terms with this reality; we are literally manufacturing engineers, when what we could use more are scientists. Like in the U.S. or the UK, we need to weave in entrepreneurship to the very fabric of our society, so that the future generation will have the mentality to try something new and create a difference in this world. This can only be done through a total restructuring of education; our education needs to have more real world projects and assignment that would help students gain a practical perspective of businesses. We should move ahead from providing services and should concentrate more on research; then we will see more and more employers popping up in the country.

Parents in the country have to realize that they are training their child to be a part of someone else's works force, rather than becoming someone who employees the workforce. This idea of not thinking beyond working for someone else might have its root in our long history of being ruled by foreign powers, but that time has passed and we need to move ahead. A good majority of the people who made it big in this world, started trotting on that path early on; your motto should be, 'let them be all they can be.'

"It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward," a famous quote from Sylvester Stallone's 2006 movie 'Rocky Balboa', captures the essence of winning completely. It is always about accepting failure, recovering from it and moving forward. Winston Churchill once said, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Recently in NASSCOM Product Conclave, Vinod Khosla said that "I don't mind failing, but when I succeed it better be worth succeeding." It is attitude like this that needed to be instilled in the youngsters and not a fear of failure. We need to learn to accept failure and move forward.

My Take:
What about us, are we still producing employees or moved to produce employers? Does the system of our education gives spaces for creative minds like Zuckerber, Gates, or Jobs? We have been witnessing lots of dramas when its time for our students to got for field, is this a healthy situation for our future? May its about time now to ask ourselves the above question.   

Source Silicon India

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

UAE Government pursuing development of Direct Selling Industry

Wakati Watanzania wengi na zaidi wale wasomi wakiwa bado wana mtazamo hasi (NEGATIVE PERCEPTION) kuhusu mfumo au Taaluma mpya (The New Professionals by Dr Charles King) ya karne ya 21 ijulikanayo kama NETWORK MARKETING au MULTI LEVEL MARKETING au DIRECTING SELLING na tena bila kujisumbua kufanya utafiti, nchi zilizoendelea zikiwamo Marekani na zile za Uarabuni zinaiona N.W.M kama mkombozi kwa wananchi wao, fuatiria hotuba ya Mkurugenzi wa Uchumi UAE H.E. Mohammed Al Shehi katika moja ya tukio la N.W.M

Kwa wale woote wenye kutaka kuijua NETWORK MARKETING kwa uzuri zaidi, wafike siku ya Ijumaa pale Holiday Inn kuanzia saa 11 jioni, Taaluma hii mpya ya N.W.M itatambilishwa kwao, kutokana na mitazamo hasi mingi kwa watanzania, nafasi ni chache sana zilizoandaliwa, hivyo ikiwa wataka kuhudhuria tukio hili fanya booking mapema, nitwangie 0784475576, kiingilio ni 10, 000 tu. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

The New Professional - N.W.M Taught at Universities in US

Dr Charles King Interview
Tim Sales: Now I would like to show you an Interview that I’ve done with Dr Charles King who hold PHD from Harvard and is the Professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago who actually teaches Network Marketing at the university.

Q: Dr King we are delighted to have you here,
A: I’m Pleased o be here Tim,

Q: Dr can you tell us a little bit of your education and business background?
A: Tim, I’m Professor of Marketing at  the University of Illionois Chicago, I got my Basters and Masters Degree from University of Texas in Austin, Its been tour of duty in Exon Corporation and then return to get my Doctorate in Business Administration from Harvard University, more importantly this discussion, over the last six years, I’ve been involved in doing research, teaching,and consulting in Network Marketing.

Q: So coming from such conservative school, and I know your little bit conservative, what cause you to look at Network Marketing to begin with?
A:, in 1990 we had a major economic recession in United States, the mid west and Chicago i particular were badly hit, as a results the interviewers stopped coming to campus, we are graduating hundreds of  students every semester and they weren’t getting jobs, our alumnae were coming back to us loosing their jobs, looking for help, we had nothing to offer them.

I started looking, because of my background in business consulting at an alternative career paths, I went out and looked at starting your own business, a home
 based business, I looked at Franchising,  I looked at Direct selling, and in the Direct Selling arena I backed in to Network Marketing.

 Now I was very Cynical Skeptical, Tim; I was NEGATIVE about Network Marketing, they don’t teach N.W.M at Harvard Business School, and I didn’t know much about it,
The result was, when one of my student who was in the team asked me,

"Why are you so negative about N.W.M"?I looked at that Youngman and

I said, Son, I know enough to know, I don’t need to know anymore.

That student looked at and he said, Professor, if I give you that answer to that question, with no more information that you have, you’ll give me an F,

I turned to him and I said son, you’re absolutely right, I’ve no basis for that conclusion, you’ve just made an “A”.

 As a result, we went to the library, we held meetings for the next 6 months, we did due diligence on Network Marketing industry, I visited the top companies, I talked to N.W.M leaders, I became N.W.M Evangelist, in 1991 we started teaching N.W.M at the University.

Q: Was any resistance from the dean of the school at the alumnae?
A: As it turned out our dean at the time was a very entrepreneurial operator, he was looking for outreach programs that we could initiate.

I had done my due diligence; we were getting good review in terms of student responses, so the dean said, maintain your professional profile and lets move to forward with N.W.M.

Q: What’s your view of the industry in N.W.M now and where do you see it going in the future?
A: Tim, the industry is coming of an age, today we have computer and management information systems, which makes it possible for N.W.M Company to organize sales force so effectively that we can sale in Korea (Tanzania), in Korea one, instantaneously convert that Korean one sale into US Dollars sale post that to distributors commission account in the US and pay that distributor in a week.

 Never before in the history of this industry has that been possible. So we are going through a dramatic technologic waves in the 1980 – 1990, I argue now we are moving into the wave of professionalism, and I emphasize the professional of several levels,

1.    We are seeing more and more professionals like; Physicians, Dentists, Attorneys, CEO’s College professors going into N.W.M.

2.   We are seeing a completely different attitude on the part of the press, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, regionally dailies around the US are giving N.W.M a very positive press.

3.   On the other end the Universities are accepting N.W.M as legitimate channel of distribution, the university of Illinois Chicago has offered the first certificate seminar in N.W.M history of the industry,

4.   The University of Houston is going to be sponsoring N.W.M as their outreach entrepreneurial programs, we are seeing more and more community colleges setting up N.W.M forces on their campuses, so I see this industry going dramatically over the next ten years, its currently a 20bn $ industry in the US, with 7 – 10 distributors in operation.

We are expanding globally into Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, the industry is growing about  10 -12% yearly in contrast to 3 -4% traditional retail sales. So on my view the Industry is absolutely coming of an age.

Q: Suppose you run a super skeptic, what advice do you have for them? 
A: Tim, I would recommend they do precisely what I did, I was a Super skeptic, I did my Due Diligence, I investigated the industry, and I drew my own conclusion.

 I would suggest to any one serious looking at N.W.M that they might read a couple of key references.
They might read two specific references.

 First, I will recommend The wave 3 way to build your down line by Richard Poe,  Poe put the industry in perspective in a very readable and enjoyable way.

Second, I would suggest by skeptic degree is one published in 1998 by Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell, entitled Your first year in N.W.M.

 I strongly recommend that you do your due diligence and then begin to define precisely what role you wanna play in N.W.M industry, set realistic expectations, if there is single cause of failure in this industry is it’s the “GET QUICK RICH Syndrome”

 Thinking that you can come in the industry and make enormously sums of money without effort! I argue by contrast, if you set a realistic expectations, develop plan of action to guide your business development you can be successful.

Q: If someone were to come to your course, whether its in Houston whether its in Chicago, what would they learn?

A: What we’ve tried to do in that program is apply the basic skills of entrepreneurial management, specifically to managing a N.W.M Distribute Organization, we start by developing a business plan for N.W.M Distributor.

 The second module, after building on the business plan, is to talk about how you implement the plan, how do you build a down line organization.

 The third Module is talk about how to manage your business, from the idea of managing your organization as you start building 10, 30, 70…several thousands people in your group, on into managing business as financial profit machine.

 Tim, as you can tell, I believe in this industry, for a small financial investment and commitment in sweaty equity, hard work and dedication, any one can be successful in N.W.M 

About Dr King.
Charles W. King received his doctorate in business administration from Harvard and is currently a professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is involved in extensive, ongoing research on network marketing and distributor operations. He lives in Wheaton, Illinois.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Naomba Shillingi ishuke ifikie Ths 5,000 kwa dola"

Nimekuwa nikijiuliza maswali mengi sana kuhusu mtazamo hasi (NEGATIVE PERCEPTION) wa baadhi ya watu, tena si wachache, ni wengi kweli pale mtu anapowaambia kuhusu Biashara ya ya Masoko ya Mtandao ama Network Marketing, au Multi LevelMarketing, Referral Business, Business of 21st Century, DirectSelling, Recession Proof Business, Nk.

Katika kufanya utafiti nimekutana na watu maarufu duniani wakiwamo marais, wasomi wakubwa, wafanyabiashara wakubwa duniani ambao wameamua ama kuifanya ama kuipigia debe kwa nguvu zote kwa ni mkombozi pekee anayeweza kumtoa mtu katika maisha ya chini kabisa na hatimaye kumwezesha naye kumiliki si pesa za kutosha bali nyumba na usafiri wa maana, (angalia mfano wa Bw na Bi Kayombo)  katika karne hii ya 21 ama Zama za habari (Information Age).

Nimekuwa nikijiuliza watu hawa wengi wenye mtazamo hasi wanajua nini ambacho mtu kama Donald Trump na Robert Kiyosaki hawajui? ama wanapesa nyingi sana kuliko Warren Buffet na Donald Trump? Pengine wana nafasi ama mamlaka kuubwa kuliko aliyowai kuwa nayo Bill Clinton? Labda ni wasomi sana au wachumi kuliko Paul Zane Pilzer na Dr Charles King? au maarufu sana kuliko Robert Kiyosaki?

Pengine wananafasi katika jamii yetu kuliko alizowai kuwa nazo mtu kama Juma Kapuya, au Mbunge wa Dodoma Mjini, ama alizonazo Mch Getrude Rwakatare, lakini ikiwa huna pesa kuliko Warren Buffet au Donald Trump, fikiri mara mbili juu ya fursa hii, ama hunayo au huna elimu kama Prof Paul ZanePilzer na Dr Charles King, tafakali, au hunazo au huna nyadhifa kama alizowahi kuwa nazo Bill Clinton, chukua hatua.

Afrika Mashariki kuna watu wasiozidi laki moja walioamua kufanya fursa hii, hawa ndio wanaofurahia kila siku inapotangazwa kuwa shilingi imeshuka thamani, je ni kwanini wanafurahia kushuka kwa shilingi?  Jana nilikuwa naongea na dada Mmoja anaitwa Erika, yuko kwenye NWM kwa muda wa mwaka Mmoja na nusu sasa anasema, nami nanukuu, “Naomba shilingi ishuke kila siku, ifikie hata 5,000 kwa dola moja”

Kwanini anasema hivi? Network Marketers dunia nzima wanalipwa pesa zao kwa Dola za marekani, yeye mwezi uliopita alilipwa dola 6.800 na ushee hivyo kama thamani ya shilingi ilikuwa sawa na 1,700 inamaana atakuwa na zaidi ya Tsh 11.5 Millioni, na mwezi huu anatarajia kupata zaidi ya dola 7,000, je si anasababu ya kuomba shilingi izidi kushuka?  kwa nini? dola 6,800 x 5,000 (kama anavyoomba) = Milioni 34!  kwanini Wanamtandao wasiendelee kuomba shilingi ishuke?  

Katika picha ni Bwana na Bibi Kayombo, walikuwa watu wa hali ya chini, angalia maisha yao kabla na baada ya miaka miwili ndani ya Network Marketing, jiulize hawa wamewezaje na wewe washindwaje? tuna bahati sana kuwa wakazi wa zama hizi za habari, tumerahisishiwa vitu vingi sana ikiwamo namna ya kutafuta ukweli wa jambo kwa kupitia ICT, tujaribu kutafuta ukweli wa jambo lolote tukutanalo badala ya kulidharau na kupuuza tu. 

Picha kwa hisani ya Bw na Bibi Kayombo Success Day Presentation.

Mawasiliano 0784475576.

Fuatilia mjadala wa Jamii Forum HAPA.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life is not....

‎"There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: Those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed" Ray Goforth

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